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Hello! Welcome to Hogtown Honey's reel of all the best bee/pollination related things on the interwebs, as well as the occasional update about our adventures in urban beekeeping.

Who are we? Hogtown Honey is a bunch of bees, and their keepers, hanging out on rooftops in Toronto. We teach natural urban beekeeping workshops, and make small-batch, hyper local honeys from the neighbourhoods of our city.

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Hogtown Honey
"Beekeeper’s hood is made of heavy cotton cloth riveted to screen with a small aperture for pipe."
Read more: Bees for Sale: Photos From a Busy Bee Market in the Netherlands, 1956 | LIFE.com http://life.time.com/curiosities/bees-for-sale-photos-from-a-busy-bee-market-in-the-netherlands-1956/#ixzz2zMqUBnCU

An image I drew for a Save the Bees campaign a few months back
I love that bees have such a presence in childhood stories and cartoons and pop culture. But guys, that has to be a wasp nest. Bees just don’t make their homes in round papery shapes. 

Honeybee! The drawing was commissioned as a tattoo a while back, finally finished coloring it up. Please respect my client who paid for this, and do not use it as a tattoo yourself!
I just read that honeybees do something called a tremble dance. How cute is that?
Prints & more: http://society6.com/teaganwhite/Honeybee-atk_Print